In 1849, Rose Township was composed of an area, which today are the cities of Roseville, Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, and some land in Minneapolis, St. Anthony, and St. Paul. The boundaries of Rose Town in 1853 were from Rice Street to Stinson Boulevard and from County Road D to Marshall Avenue. As the years went by, the boundaries changed and decreased the township's size.


As a community, the settlers established a town government. In 1858 Rose Township organized a voting precinct, elected town officers, and levied taxes. Early settlers such as D. Baker, E. Larpenteur, W. Hendrickson, and W. Aldrich, held government offices. The population of the township in 1860 was 499, by 1880 it had risen to 877. Early immigrants to the area moved from the eastern United States, Germany, Prussia, Ireland, Canada, and Norway.


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